BJP worried of CITU strike, says Manik Dey
By Our Correspondent, 07/01/2019, Agartala

The Trade Union in Tripura on Monday marched on a rally in support of the two days general strike called by the central trade union from January 8th to protest against the BJP government's alleged anti-worker policies. The rally was lead by former transport minister Manik Dey, former industry minister Pabitra Kar and others. According to the CITU this is the largest number of workers from formal and informal sectors joining the strike against anti-people and anti-worker policies of the BJP-led central government.

However, marching on a rally on Monday morning, Manik dey said that the BJP in Tripura is worried of the strike and is triggering terror tactics across the state. CITU leader Manik Dey on Monday took on the Mamata Banarjee government in Bengal for not supporting the two days general strike by the all India trade unions against the BJP government.

Manik Dey addressing a press conference at CITU party office after the rally on Monday said that opposing the strike the BJP government in Tripura and Trinamool government in Bengal has issued a circular to threaten the working class people who are all set to join the CITU strike against the Modi government at the centre.