Ten railway staff awarded for exceptional devotion towards duty
By Our Correspondent, 08/11/2018, Guwahati

Ten railway staff of NF Railway were awarded for showing exceptional devotion towards duty.

Rajeev Kumar, Electrical Signal Maintainer under Katihar Division, Ramesh Kumar, Gateman under Katihar Division, Kanchan Chakraborty, Driver under Alipurduar Division, Immanuel Dcruz, Asst Driver under Katihar Division, Mineswar Bora, Driver under Rangiya Division, Ratan Chandra Mondal, Sr. Tech under Katihar Division, Md. Arif, Technician -II under Katihar Division, Subhash Kumar, Gateman under Katihar Division, Biswajit Chanda, Driver under Lumding Division and Barun Das, Asst. Driver under Lumding Division were awarded by Sanjive Roy, General Manager, N.F. Railway  during a function held in Guwahati on Thursday.

NF Railway CPRO Pranav Jyoti Sarma said that, Rajeev Kumar, Electrical Signal Maintainer while performing maintenance duty on 1st September detected rail fracture at KM 18/5-6 near Pranpur Road station. At that a goods train was approaching on that line. He immediately informed Station Master of Pranpur Road to control the train. A probable mishap was thus averted due to his alertness. Ramesh Kumar, Gateman while performing duty at Gate no.  EB – 38 on 13th September, noticed unusual sound and sparking in one coach of train No.13162 Dn Tebhaga Express. The train was stopped and on checking flat tyre was detected. The affected coach was detached at Buniadpur station. A probable mishap was thus averted due to his alertness.

Kanchan Chakraborty, Driver and Immanuel Dcruz, Asst Driver while working on 14th September by train no. 13247 Dn Capital Express, between Sivok and Gulma stations suddenly noticed one big tree fallen on the track at KM 20/1. They immediately applied emergency brake and managed to stop the train. For their alertness an accident was averted. Mineswar Bora, Driver while working train 55713 Up on 14th September detected defective Axle box of Loco No.40090 WDP4, at Kaithalkuchi station. He declared the loco failed to run. Finally, wheel of the said loco was replaced by staff from Siliguri diesel Shed.  Due to his devotion of duty and alertness a probable mishap could be averted.

Ratan Chandra Mandal, Sr. Tech and Md. Arif, Technician - II while performing Rolling In and Out duty on 23rd September detected unusual sound in coach No.14424 NFGS of train No.15905 Up Kanyakumari – Dibrugarh Express. The train was meticulously checked up and detected that rear RHS Hanger Pin of rear trolley was missing. The same was replaced. For their alertness an accident was averted. Subhash Kumar, Gateman while performing duty on 29th September at Gate no.  NC 109(T), noticed unusual sound coming from train No – 55769 Malda – Katihar passenger. He immediately informed on duty Station Master of Eklakhi station.

On checking heavy brake binding was detected. A probable mishap was thus averted due to his alertness. Biswajit Chanda, Driver and Shri Barun Das, Asst. Driver while working 55615 Up Guwahati – Silchar Fast Passenger on 6th October noticed 05 nos of wild elephants crossing railway track in between Hawaipur and Lamsakhang stations at about 04.27 AM. On noticing elephants they immediately applied the emergency brake and somehow managed to stop the train near the herd of elephant. Due to their devotion and alertness they managed to save the elephants. In recognition of their meritorious service for preventing accident all of them were awarded with a cash award of Rs. 2, 500 each along with a certificate by General Manager, N.F. Railway.