Manik furious after jail bharo flops
By Our Correspondent, 09/08/2018, Agartala

Manik Sarkar today lambasted the ruling BJP government in the state claiming that there is an acute crisis of law and order in the state. This after the jail bharo movement flopped with only five thousand odd comrades and cadres coming out on the streets. Addressing the meeting at ‘Jail Bharo’ movement of the CPI-M in Agartala, Manik Sarkar said, “People are unable to move from their houses.

Poor people who support the CPI-M are not allowed to go out with rickshaws, tomtom, etc. Moreover, by spreading rumours illegally, people are being killed. The BJP supporters are taking laws in the hand in other words, there is Jungle Raj being implemented in the state of Tripura.”Taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sarkar further added that “The Government that came in power in 2014 making big promises has failed to fulfill even one of the promises.

The government has not thought about the poor people as no policies to uplift the condition of the poor and the unprivileged was made by the BJP government. The government policies are only for the rich and the affluent class.”Manik Sarkar lastly reiterated that the opposition parties are being crushed by the BJP and that members of the party have demolished many party offices of the CPI-M in order to break their morale and crush their voices.

In the state capital CPI(M) cadres openly tried to instigate police and attacked lady police staff. These police personnel were standing in front of the barricade. Police burst tear gas shell and water canon to disperse the mob. But some women comrades including Krishna Rakshit, Rama Das and Aparna Debnath continued with their attempt to create ruckus.