Tripura's Muslim body seeks to allow 'slaughtering' during traditional Bakra Eid celebration
By Our Correspondent, 06/08/2018, Agartala

In wake of their upcoming Eid al-Adha, also called the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’, a muslim body of the state Jamiat Ulama-e Hind, one of the oldest bodies of the minority Muslim population of the state on Sunday last demanded the BJP-IPFT governennt to ensure fear free celebration of their festival. In view of their traditional sacrifice of animals like slaughtering cows, Mufti Tayebur Rahaman, president of the Tripura State Jamiat Ulama-e Hind, said that they may not be able to follow their ritual due to 'interference'.

 Speaking to reporters in the central mosque Gedu Mia Masjid on Sunday last Rahaman alleged that after the new BJP-IPFT government came to power in Tripura, the Muslim population is being targeted for their food habit of consuming beef.Rahaman demanding the government to take appropriate steps for fear free celebration of their festival of sacrifice said, “A large section of people in Tripura are connected with the business of selling cow, buffalo and goat, but of late it has come to notice that if any vehicle is carrying a cow, it is stopped and checked. Due to all these, they are facing a loss in their business. We are demanding to  so that necessary steps are taken to stop all these.”

According to the Muslim leader, the government has to take advance measures so that sacrifices can be done during Eid al-Adha in a peaceful manner. Rahaman viewed that food habit is the fundamental right of the Muslim people, but a section is also interfering and it should be stopped.He also informed, “I along with other members immediately after the new government came to power met the Chief Minister in his official residence, informing him about these issues. The CM assured to look into them.” He mentioned a list of spots where the minority was attacked on the issue of either carrying cattle in vehicles or eating beef.