Floods: state incurs heavy loss, govt. on remedial
By Our Correspondent, 10/07/2018, Agartala

The drastic phase of flood detonated by a heavy torrential rain earlier on the month of June caused an alarming volume of damage to a vast agricultural land. And the first reported analysis by the department reclining upon which a requisition of Rs. 12 crore 34 lakh had been sought from SDRF had shown that as much as 21,735 hectare of agricultural land was damaged throughout the state, informed a highly placed sources of the department on Saturday.Moreover, the severe destruction which was numerated upon the percentage of damage as of the crops’ concern is observed in a total land of 17,860 hectares. The percentage of damage there was recorded over 33%, which is calculated as an extreme damage in terms agricultural analysts.      

Almost all the districts of the state sustained direct or passive affect in the wake of this disaster. Unakoti is found as the most effected district with a total land count of 9,213 hectare. In the meantime, Sepahijala is recorded as the most relieved district in terms of the agricultural disruptions, as a little area of 241 hectare of land came under the fierce act there.As per the details furnished by the department, it is learnt that the harvesting stage of ‘Aus rice’ and the initial or just sown stage of ‘Aman rice’ bore the most of the adversities.On the other hand, officials of Horticultural department informed, the intact form of damage that the horticultural production of the state bore is as much as 3496.7 hectare.The requisition that the department placed before the concerned authority is 6253.07 lakh. Reportedly, the most affected District in this concern is Khowai with 864.5 hectares and South Tripura District is found least affected with 17.4 hectare.Both the sorts of vegetables that were hugely produced in Tripura the ‘Betelvine’ and ‘Summer Vegetable’ were damaged.The loss incurred in ‘Summer Vegetable’ is 3468.5 hectare where a variable area of 28.2 hectare of “Betelvine’ was affected.Meanwhile, Tripura Government has initially taken an initiative to take a remedial step towards the betterment of the farmers. The department sources included, the ministry had intuited that an erudite step should be taken in this concern.An initial compensation of Rs. 6,800 has been destined to be provided to the beneficiaries in need, ahead of this Agri-season. The beneficiary selection process is also in the last stage confirmed Director of Agricultural department Deba Prasad Sarkar, while talking to the news paper.