Assam flood situation worsens
by Hemanta Kumar Nath, 04/07/2018, Agartala

Assam flood situation is more worsened as flood waters inundated more areas in lower Assam’s Chirang and Bongaigaon district. On Wednesday, a bridge over Hut Huti river in Chirang district was collapsed as the river overflowed following incessant rains in past couple of days.The flood waters have submerged several areas in the two lower Assam’s district.

Meanwhile, the heavy rainfall has over flown the Aie river and Hut Huti river leading a worse flood situation in several villages.Flood waters entered households and most the people had leaved their homes and took shelter in safer places.On the other hand, following torrential rains water levels of Brahmaputra river and its tributaries has risen and crossing danger level marks in many places.This year flood in the state has claimed 32 lives so far.