Manik skips Yechury press meet
By Our Correspondent, 11/03/2018, Agartala

Even though he accompanied Sitaram Yechury to visit the place in Belonia where the statue of Lenin was razed ex CM Manik Sarkar was conspicuous by his absence at the press meet the CPI(M) secretary held at Melarmath at 7.30 PM. This, despite the fact that he stays upstairs in Melarmath after vacating his official residence. Continuing with negative campaign to defame the new government Yechury said that alongwith likeminded opposition parties the issue of so called violence in Tripura will be raised in Parliament.

After Badal Choudhury spoke something in his ear he questioned whether there was mounting pressure on the media as his visit to different areas in the state was almost completely blacked out by cross section of press. Regarding the initial analysis of the loss he admitted that CPI(M) led state government was unable to gauge the fact that the youths of the state had developed huge aspirations in long Left rule. He played down the win in Tripura and reminded the scribes that even if entire North East comes under BJP bandwagon it means it has only 25 MPs.