Karat claims young people still with CPI(M)
By Our Correspondent, 29/11/2017, New Delhi

CPI(M) leader Prakash Karat has pooh poohed the idea that youngstar are shying away from the Left parties. He said ,it is not true that young people do not support the CPI(M) during elections. Otherwise, how are we winning in Kerala and Tripura and earlier in West Bengal? In many universities, Left student organisations have won students’ union elections. But it is uneven. In many places, the Left is not effectively reaching out to the youth. This has to be done. Regarding the upcoming assembly polls he pointed out that Tripura is a Communist stronghold.

The Left Front government has been in power continuously since 1993, that is 24 years. Tripura is a well-governed State under the Manik Sarkar government. It has an exemplary record in implementing social welfare schemes, in becoming the most literate State, in providing the highest number of man-days of work under the MGNREGA, and so on. Above all, it is the Left Front government which brought peace to the State by effectively countering the extremist insurgency, and maintaining tribal-non-tribal unity.

So whatever anti-incumbency is there, it will be overcome by these positive factors.He did admit that the BJP has become the main Opposition by taking from the Congress and TMC MLAs and leadership. It is trying all methods to dislodge the Left — use of huge money power, encouraging the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura and tribal extremists to disrupt peace. But we are confident that the people of Tripura will see through these disruptive moves and reaffirm their confidence in the Left Front.